Rafter D Training       Gill and Wendy Deans
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                     Learning about horses is a lifelong process. 
               Let us open the door to an amazing journey for you! 

Both Gill and Wendy graduated from Montana State University's School of Agriculture with degrees in Animal Science. In the early years after college, they began their quest to hone their horse training skills. They were first exposed to the training methods of Ray Hunt in 1983 which changed their outlook forever on how to start a colt. After working on various ranches, Gill entered the Montana State University horseshoeing school for the three month program adding one more talent to their resume. They continued to start and train colts and began studying under various trainers. They worked with Buck Brannaman and Joe Wolter. For many years they searched for their own piece of property. Finally in 1992 they found what they were looking for on Clark Lane south of Livingston, Montana. The vision was just a seed at that time. With a lot of sweat equity, the bare ground became a horse training operation complete with 300 X 175 outdoor arena, 50 foot round pen, 80 X 80 insulated indoor arena, stall barn with automatic waterers, shed row stalls and lush irrigated pastures.

In the late 90's they became interested in the sport of reining with the goal of taking their training skills to the next level of horsemanship. Adding their experience in reining to their already existing training program has proven to make for a wonderfully well rounded, well broke horse. Their horses can go do a job with willingness and a nice handle.

Gill focuses on giving his horses a ranch/reining foundation. He expects them to be free with their quarters, soft in the mouth with nice upward and downward transitions of the gaits. They are comfortable with ropes, slickers, dragging sacks and logs, crossing water, opening and closing gates. The horses get exposed to seeing cattle, deer, and in the summer, they'll even see pigs, as they ride around the neighborhood. 

Wendy's main focus is client education. A trainer can teach amazing things to a horse, but if the owner lacks the knowledge to follow through, the trainer's hard work has been lost. Instruction is her number one priority.
Wendy has a unique program. She teaches dressage principles applying it to western riding. She teaches reining and also follows Sally Swift's Centered Riding program as a foundation for all riding. She has worked with Jack Brainard who helped jump-start the sport of Western Dressage. Wendy incorporates Western Dressage into each horse she rides and gives focus to the sport in her clinics. She also specializes in teaching people how to ride green horses. If you have ANY issues with your riding or your horse, Wendy can give you the skills to resolve it. Education is the best gift you can give yourself!

                                       2020 Pricing 

Training - $800/month - Includes indoor stall, hay fed three times a day and horses are ridden five days a week. One lesson per week to owner at no charge if between Mon. and Fri. We encourage you to come watch anytime. 
If you have a special feed or supplement your horse is on, supply it and we'll be happy to feed it.
Lessons - $50/hour,  $60/hour when teaching at clients home or barn.

Shoeing - $100

Trim - $50
* Farrier services are for horses in training only.

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